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“DECKER” 2,000 LB. (1T) Portable Sport Equipment Lift


Ideal for Motorcycles, ATV’s, & Snow Mobiles

Decker is a rugged motorcycle, ATV, jet ski or snowmobile repair lift for most applciations. Solid construction and an air/hydraulic operating system make this a tough and dependable lift. The rear tire drop-out and front wheel vise make motorcycle servicing easy. The side extension kit comes standard, allowing you to work on a variety of extra wide bikes, sleds or trikes.

Product Description

  • Auto Tech Certified (ATC) - the Liftsuperstore thoroughly reviews all lift products with an independent panel of professional automotive technicians to insure that they meet the customer expectations for quality and performance.
  • Stable at any working height when working on equipment up to 2,000 lb. / 1T - Strong tubular scissor lifting legs and base frame provide greater stability than cantilever style lifts.
  • Portable with no installation required and can be located virtually anywhere - light weight compact design allows the lift to easily moved or stored when not used. Overall foot print required to operate 49-1/4” / 1251mm wide x 109” / 2769mm long (with side panels and approach ramps).
  • Multi purpose design excellent for general repairs, maintenance and cleaning - with 2 removable side deck extensions providing 8-3/4” / 222mm of stable platform surface for most Motorcycles, ATV’s and Snowmobiles.
  • Corrosion resistant protection - steel structural components are wheel-a-brator shot blasted and acid washed before a “double bake” powder coat finish.
  • Ideal for either hobby or commercial use - the lift is built to meet industry standards and comes with a three (3) position mechanical locking system with a fail safe hydraulic velocity fuse in the cylinder. Comes with high efficiency box style air/hydraulic “turbo” pump.
  • Ideal solution for tires, brakes or restoration - lifts 40” / 1016mm in 30 seconds for quick access to the vehicle. No obstruction around the lift improves productivity.
Front Wheel Vise Back Wheel Drop-Out and Rear Sling Support Shafts Mechanical JackFront
Removable Side Skirts 4” / 102mm Locks Spaced Every 3” / 76mm Heavy Duty scissor design provides better stability when lifting heavier equipment.