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Wondering where to find a quality car lift for your home or shop?

The Lift SuperStore is North America’s largest vehicle lift supplier with multiple showrooms across the United States and Canada, including:

We offer a wide range of lifts for both residential and commercial applications, including single post lifts, two-post lifts, four-post lifts, scissor lifts, accessories, and more. Our products are safe, durable, and easy-to-operate in any situation.

With over 400 lifts in stock at all times, we’re ready to ship at a moment’s notice — and we always have the right lift for your specific needs. Our team offers a welcoming personal touch, from the first communication to after-sale support.

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Why Our Lifts Are Better

Find out what sets us apart in the industry.

Experience & Expertise

Our management team has over 40 years of experience in the automotive lift equipment industry. That’s why we’ve chosen to expertly design and build our own lifts, work with a team of in-house engineers, and extensively test every product that we sell for quality, safety, and longevity.

North American-Made

When you purchase a product from the Lift SuperStore, you can rest assured that your vehicle lift has been built to last. Many of Our vehicle lifts are manufactured and assembled on-site in our 60,000 square foot facility, with select parts manufactured through international partnerships.

Manufacturing Standards

All of our products are built standard with aircraft grade, pre-stretched cables. Each hydraulic lift is steel blast finished prior to a 9-step chemical dip process, and then powder coated. Our pumps, motors, and cylinders are North American-made and the power units are CSA/UL approved.

Top Certifications

Each of our products comes with an ALI Gold Label Certification showing that it has completed extensive product testing to meet the highest quality and safety standards. In our North American Manufacturing Facility, we strive to meet or exceed Canadian Welding Bureau procedures and use CWB Certified Welders to manufacture your lifts. Our Asian manufacturing facility is ISO 9001 and CE Certified for the production of automotive lifts.

Industry-Leading Warranties

Our team is proud to offer some of the longest warranties on vehicle lifts in the industry. All of our products are available with a two-year warranty on parts, a five-year warranty on the structure, and a lifetime warranty on the cylinder — which is unmatched by our competitors.

Exceptional Customer Service

Having a problem with your new lift? When you reach out, your phone call will always be answered by a person and you’ll receive friendly support from our dedicated service team. We are proud to stand behind every product that we sell and we handle all service requests in-house.

Our History

When The Lift SuperStore opened its doors in 2005, our goal was to become the largest vehicle lift supplier in North America. At the time, we had two employees, 12,000 square feet of warehousing, and a modest 2,500 square foot showroom.

Today, The Lift SuperStore is based in a 60,000 square foot manufacturing facility and showroom in Oakville, Ontario — with another eight showroom locations across North America, operated by retail partners. We employ a full team of engineers and have a dedicated parts and service department to support our customers.

This growth has allowed our team to increase production and inventory levels. We are proud to have become one of North America’s leading suppliers of vehicle lifts, and we continue to look for ways to grow our team and expand into new locations.

Total Automotive Lifting Solutions Inc.

The Lift SuperStore is a leading consumer-facing brand of the Total Automotive Lifting Solutions (TLS) group of companies. TLS was founded in 2005 to provide unique automotive and heavy-duty truck lifting equipment at affordable prices. With a team of highly-experienced individuals, TLS provides manufacturing expertise that meets or exceeds industry standards and provides affordable lift products to meet customer needs for quality and value.

The TLS office and manufacturing facilities are located in Southern Ontario, close to Toronto and two of North America’s largest steel manufacturers. TLS offers a complete line of aboveground and inground lifting systems for passenger cars, light trucks, heavy-duty trucks, and bus applications.

Learn More About TLS

Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) Member

TLS is proud to be a certified member of the Automotive Lift Institute (ALI). Established in 1945, ALI was founded to promote the safe design, construction, installation, inspection, and use of automotive lift equipment in the industry.

At The Lift SuperStore, all of our products wear the ALI Gold Label Certification, which shows that they have been tested and certified to meet the applicable industry safety and performance requirements for electrical and mechanical operation in Canada and the United States. The ALI Lift Certification Program is the only accredited program in North America to ensure that products meet the ANSI/ALI ALCTV certification.

Whenever you are purchasing a vehicle lift, make sure that your product and supplier is listed on the ALI’s Directory of Certified Lifts. Proper standards help to ensure the safety of people working beneath lifts on a daily basis and move our industry forward.

About ALI

Our Team

Biff Do-Right

Position: Founder and CLO (Chief Lift Operator)

Nickname: The Biffer

Started career as a lot boy at a major car dealership. Hard work prevailed and Biff was awarded for his service excellence and promoted to brand actor. Recognized throughout Canada and the United States Biff decided to develop a brand of lifts for both the professional mechanic and home enthusiast. Biff founded The Lift SuperStore in 2005 and has never looked back. Biff has assembled a team of industry experts who’s experience and knowledge are unmatched.

If you need advice call The Biffer! If he can’t help, he’s got a team behind him that can!

Harold Yeo

Position: President

From the early years Harold has always been hands-on, from farm hand, to recover diver, to mechanic to tow truck driver, to finding his way into equipment sales and all before the age of 22. In 1978 as one of the original owners of Wheeltronic Ltd. Harold and his partner developed innovative lift products that pioneered the use of wheel alignment and general service scissor lifts in North America. They also designed the first mid rise scissor lift which is now a staple for many car repair enthusiasts. Wheeltronic ltd. was acquired by Snap-On tools Inc. in 1994. After running successful equipment sales channels in North America Harold turned back to his passion for developing lifts. In 2005 Harold connected with Biff and continues to innovate lifts and equipment for todays ever changing automotive industry.

Dedicated BlackBerry supporter to the end. Yes, You Read It Correctly!

Keith Taylor

Position: Technical Service Advisor

Keith, has a well seasoned background in the automotive lift industry. Starting his industry career in service in 1987 at Hydra Lift, then moving into regional sales for Hennessey Industries Canada, then joining the Wheeltronic / Snap-On Equipment Team in 1996 and advanced to Hoffmann Sales and Service Manager until 2019. After a short time away from the Lift industry, Keith reunited with the cast from the past.

If you have a technical question, call Keith!

Rita Kennedy

Position: Logistics Co-Ordinator / Bookkeeper

Rita, has an extensive Import/Export shipping background and has worked for DuPont of Canada, UPS, and shipping Agent Robert Reford before joining the Wheeltronic / Snap-On Equipment team in 2001. In 2005 Rita reunited as a key member of the founding cast.

If you have freight question, Rita is the one!

Shane Zhang

Position: Engineering Specialist

With an Engineering mind and as a hands-on member of the team, Shane is able to bring our napkin scribal to life. Shane joined our cast in 2011 after graduating from the University of Ottawa. Well versed in Mechanical / Hydraulic / Pneumatic / Electrical and System Controls there is not much that we can’t cover.

When we ask, will this work? We go to Shane to make it Happen!

Kevin Churchill

Position: Purchasing / Production Specialist

Well connected and Communications Specialist Kevin’s specialty grew from being in HVAC and Appliance Repairs. Kevin’s lift background started on the ground floor in 1989 as an assembler at Wheeltronic LTD. His keen understanding of assembly processes and Lean Manufacturing lead him to the role of Production Manager for Snap-On Equipment Lift Group. In 2005 Kevin reunited as a key member of the founding cast.

Kevin is our go to in production to get it done and done right!

Gary DiAngelo

Position: General Manager

Gary’s Automotive background started as a Mechanics helper in 1980, Gary went on to be a Licensed Mechanic and still holds Truck / Coach and Service Technician Designations. Gary, left practicing in the trades and went back to school for mechanic engineering and manufacturing engineering processing. After graduating Gary found himself a position at Wheeltronic Ltd. in 1986 as Service Manager. After the Snap-On acquisition in 1994, Gary held advancing roles from Sales Management, Facility Operations and Product Management for the Lift Group which covered Snap-On Equipment, John Beam, Hofmann, and Challenger Lift Brands. In 2017 Gary Reunited with the cast from the past.

Gary’s all about the detail and what makes it work!

We Make Buying Lifts Easy!

David Essex

Position: Sales Specialist

David’s Automotive background started as a Mechanic back in 1968. David worked at Plaza Pontiac and Canadian Tire locations in the Toronto area for a number of years and advanced to the position of Service Manager. Continuing in automotive repair David successfully ran his own Petro Canada Service Center for years before leaving the repair side of the business and going into Automotive Equipment Sales as a Sales Rep. for Allen Test Products. With this advancement David followed the VP of Allen Test Products as he started up Wheeltronic Ltd. in 1978 as one of the Founders. David has been selling Lifts and Automotive Equipment ever since and is highly regarded in the industry. David’s hands-on experience easily transferred to guide customers through their buying process. With over 50 years of experience David has a wealth of knowledge and experience that he continues to share with customers.

Lift It. Store It. Repair It!

David, Makes buying Lifts easy!

Anthony DeGrazia

Position: Sales and Marketing Manager

Anthony considers himself to be the New Guy, but we know better. Anthony joined the Cast in 2018, but; brings with him 30+ years of Sales and Marketing experience. His career began in the electronics retail market where he gained Retail Management and Sales experience. After moving into Industrial Sales and Marketing, in the B-2-B Space, for 22 years, he was looking for a change of pace. Anthony entered the Automotive Equipment Industry in 2013 and has never looked back. Anthony’s experience in multiple markets affords us the opportunity to tap into the New Guy for fresh idea’s.

Lift It. Store It. Repair It!

Anthony, Makes buying Lifts easy!

Jana Williams

Position: Sales Coordinator

Jana is the cheery voice that greets you when you call in. She came to the automotive lift industry in 2018 after starting her career as a bakery manager in London, Ontario. Her organizational skill and flair for taking care of customers have made her a great addition to the Team. Behind the scenes Jana is making sure all the little things are being taken care of. While she may be the one taking your money while charming you with her smile and warm personality, she is also the one confirming your order, arranging for your shipment and installation.

Lift It. Store It. Repair It!

Jana, Makes buying Lifts easy!

Mike Wilson

Position: Lead Hand / Shipping and Receiving

Mike started his working career at Brampton Brick where he developed his tow motor skills. With his easy-going attitude Mike found a position at Snap-on’s Equipment Group in Mississauga where he developed a deep knowledge of the equipment lines offered. After his time at Snap-on, Mike was a free agent and highly recruited by Biff to join the team in 2005. He is the Go-To-Guy on the floor assisting associates with their material needs and customers with loading and shipping of their lifts. Mike is always willing to lend a helping hand.

Build It. Ship It!

Mike, Makes buying Lifts easy!

Don McGregor

Position: Sales Specialist

Don started his career as an Automotive Apprentice Mechanic in New Zealand. Don migrated to Canada and landed in British Columbia where he successfully ran his own automotive repair shop for 18 years. Looking for a change of pace, as an old time racer Don made a smooth shift into Automotive Equipment Sales. Don has held several Sales and Management positions within well known equipment suppliers in the industry. As a Loyal customer to the crew form Wheeltronic Ltd. for over 25 years it was once again an easy transition when Don moved to Ontario. With the lift business moving Up we called on Don, with his wealth of knowledge and industry experience Don can talk shop, cars, and lifts.

Lift It. Store It. Repair It!

Don, Makes buying Lifts easy!

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