Pegasus — Four-Post Lift 33,000 LB. (15T)

Model Number: LSS4P33FDEL

The Pegasus is a heavy-duty four-post service lift designed in North America to provide general automotive service to heavy trucks and other commercial vehicles. This model offers a lifting capacity of 33,000 lb. (15T) and features double-wall runways with Z-rails.

Built to Higher Quality Standard

  • North American-made Bucher 2HP / 1.5kw power unit.

Corrosion-Resistant Protection

  • Steel components are wheelabrator shot blasted and acid washed before a double bake powder coat finish is applied.

Superior Structural Strength

  • Provides longer life and more precise alignments.
  • Non-flex double-wall 24” / 610mm wide runways with built-in Z-rail.
  • Heavy-duty 10” x 8-3/8” x 1/4” wall / 254mm x 213mm x 6mm wall columns and 4” x 8” / 102mm x 204mm tube traverse beams.

Premium Options and Accessories Expand Capabilities and Service Life

  • Optional front radius plate pockets.
  • Built-in tire inflation hoses.
  • Removable work steps.
  • LED runway lighting.
  • Premium 15,000 lb. / 6.8T jacking beams.

Lower Maintenance Costs

  • Zirk-style grease fittings at all 1-1/2” / 38mm plated hinge pins.

Extended Life Non-Twist Cable Design

  • Machined steel nickel-plated 12-3/4” / 324mm pulleys with bronze self-lubricating bushings.
  • Non-spin fatigue-resistant 5/8” / 16mm cables are routed on double stacked pulleys (versus four stacked) to reduce stress and wear.

Low-Pressure Hydraulics Provide Longer Life

  • 5”ID x 69” /127mm ID x 1753mm cylinder is mounted under the runway
  • Cylinder uses a premium Parker seal and wear ring with chrome-plated plunger shaft.

Designed for Optimum Productivity

  • Single point control with stainless steel cylinder air releases to engage 8 locking positions.
  • Adjustable locking ladders 87” x 3-3/4” x 3/8” / 2210mm x 95mm x 9.5mm thick allow for accurate levelling.
  • The power unit can be mounted on a front or rear column.
  • Built-in runway compressed air outlets front and rear.
  • Lifts 70-1/4″ / 1784mm from the floor.

More Options to Choose From

  • Available in three runway lengths of 256”(6502mm), 297” (7544mm), or 333” (8458mm) with service deck or optional front radius plate pockets.
  • The lift can be ordered in red or blue colours.