Subterranean Home Lift 6,000 LB. (2.7T)

The Subterranean Home Lift is a virtually invisible parking solution for the discerning homeowner, who wants to safely store their vehicles while creating additional parking space. This scissor-style parking lift gives the appearance of a standard garage space with no obstructions, while providing a parking pad for one or more vehicles or serving as a way to move vehicles to underground storage space.

When the system is in the lowered position, a second-tier platform fills the garage ground-level space to accept another vehicle to be parked. The system lifting structure and primary driving components are completely concealed belowground. It offers a lifting capacity for up to 6,000 lb. (2.7T) vehicles.

Multi-Level Vehicle Parking

  • Two levels to allow parking of another vehicle at ground level.

Premium North American Components

  • Heavy-duty construction designed and manufactured in North America with locally sourced materials.
  • 220v single phase power.
  • Various powder coat finishes available.

Custom Safety & Design Options

  • The safety and control systems can be customized, and design options are available to suit your specific needs and situation.

40+ Years of Expertise in Lift Design

  • Over 40 years of experience in the engineering, design, testing, and manufacturing of commercial-grade scissor-style automotive lifts.

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