Tri-Park Car Stacker — 8,000 LB. (3.6T)

Model Number: LSS32PRB1

Three-Level Storage Inside or Outdoors

The 8,000 lb. (3.6T) capacity tri-park is a compact triple car stacker that reduces the space requirements to the barest minimum, allowing several vehicles to be parked in a relatively small space. The pushbutton pendant control can be installed in the most convenient position for controlling the lift depending on the customer’s requirements. The platform has a front-wheel stop bar set at the front edge of the platform.

Low Maintenance Problem-Free Design

  • Twin 70” / 1778mm stroke high-pressure cylinders mounted vertically in each column.
  • Tough wheelabrator finished steel structure with premium double bake finish.
  • Runway platform is hot-dipped galvanized steel.
  • There are no lifting cables or pulleys required.

Compact Space-Saving Design

  • Stores up to two vehicles in buildings with ceilings as low as 10.5’ / 3200mm.
  • Designed to fit most standard garage layouts with a footprint as small as 103” / 2616mm wide by 143” / 3632mm long.

Greater Structural Stability

  • Brake press formed columns 118” / 2997mm tall are reinforced with tube steel for extra strength.
  • Floor mounted outrigger bars 65” / 1651mm long further support each column.
  • A torsion-bar rack and pinion assembly engages the rack and aligns the platform so that the weight on the platform does not need to be balanced.
  • The platform allows the car to be parked facing foreword or backward or to be offset side-to-side.

Safe Easy-to-Use Operation with Multiple Operators

  • A push-button remote control pendant has an emergency button and a lockable activation key.

European Engineering and Design Expertise

  • Omer Park has a long history of designing parking lifts for use around the world.
  • Products are designed and built to commercial standards to be used by private citizens rather than repair technicians.

Vehicles Stored Both Top and Bottom are Fully Protected

  • The large galvanized deck protects the complete footprint of the vehicle eliminating the need for drip trays or car covers.

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