Cobra GT — 2 (Two) Post Lift 11,000 LB. (5T)

Model Number: LSS2P11CF

The Cobra GT is our multi-purpose 11,000 lb. (5T) capacity 2 (two) post lift. This workhorse that will accommodate both passenger cars and light-to-medium duty trucks, vans, and SUVs. This lift is specially designed to balance uneven load distribution or payload. The Cobra GT has the power to handle what other entry-level two posts lifts cannot and is our most popular two-post design.

Stronger and More Stable Structure

  • Both the Cobra GT is built up to 20% heavier than many competitors.
  • The lifts are designed with heavier arms, columns, and carriages that provide the extra strength required when lifting long box medium-duty trucks.
  • The low drive-over height also accommodates most cars.

Corrosion-Resistant Protection

  • Steel components are wheelabrator shot blasted and acid washed before a double bake powder coat finish is applied.

Lifts Higher to Provide More Under-Car Work Area

  •  1930mm lift without adapters with a maximum attainable lift height of 85” / 2159mm (82” / 2083mm).

Flexible Vehicle Loading

  • Flexmetric arm design use two-piece, offset front and two-piece, straight rear lifting arms for optimum asymmetric and symmetric loading opportunities.

Reduced Vehicle Setup Time

  • Drop-in style lift pads have a lowered height with rubber pad of 4-1/2” / 114mm and can be extended by using anodized drop-in adapters.
  • The power unit can be installed on either column.

Built to Exceed Industry Safety Standards

  • Single point mechanical lock release with locks every 3” / 76mm.
  • Built-in flow control and velocity fuse hydraulic protection.
  • Padded bar overhead shutoff prevents damage to higher vehicles.

Auto Tech Certified (ATC)

  • The Liftsuperstore thoroughly reviews all lift products with an independent panel of professional automotive technicians to ensure that they meet the customer expectations for quality and performance.

Premium North American Components

  • North American-made Monarch (Bucher) 2HP / 1.5kw power unit, 3/8” / 9.5mm equalizing cables, cylinders, and hose.

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