July 1, 2024

3 thoughts on “Offer Extended for the Month of July, Save Up to $1000 on 2 of our most popular models of Storage Lifts. Promotion only available at Oakville Ontario Location

  1. Any current promotions on 4 post lifts? I’m located in Oakville. Looking for a wide version 4 post lift.

  2. we currently have 4 cars we need to put in our steel garage. our veteran son ,42, recently committed suicide while being treated for ptsd and bipolar from the military and we acquired his car. our current garage has 8 ft sidewalls and a regular peaked roof with the peak running front to back. I will need two lifts and need to see if I need to extend the sidewalls up any as all 4 slots will have mustangs on them. that simply means they will be short in height. we just cannot get rid of any car he owned and We do not leave cars like these outside. I sure hope you have some solutions

    1. Hi Bill I am so sorry to hear about your son. It is a shame our young people have to deal with these issues after becoming a hero and trying to make everyone safer and happier. Where are you located so we can get the local partner to reach out and help you get some lifts for your facility. You are welcome to call at 866 799 5438 if you do not want to post your location publicly. My name is Anthony.


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