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90X Rim Clamp Tire Changer



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Product Description

Two-Speed Electric Motor Hybrid Leverless Duckhead® Mount/Demount Tool RoboRoller® Powered Assist
The Coats® two-speed electric motor provides total control based on application difficulty. This feature acts as a traditional helper device and eliminates traditional tire tools that can mar the surface due to application difficulty. The RoboRoller® provides additional power when mounting difficult tire assemblies by preventing the bead from rolling back over the mount tool.
Wheel HandledAlloy and Steel for Car and Light Truck
Rim Diameter6" - 28" External
Maximum Tire Diameter50" Max
Maximum Rim Width14" Max
Bead Loosening SystemHand or Foot Control, Up to 14" Wide
Wheel Clamping System4 Clamps, Air Cylinder Operated
Mount/Demount MechanismSwings Away for Better Access and Durability
Helper DevicesRobo-Arm® (18" of Automated Vertical Stroke)
Bead Seating Air Volume5.4 Gallons in Tower
Inflation Gauge0 - 60 psi
Air Supply Gauge0 - 300 psi
Air Drive System1.5 HP Air Motor, 110 - 175 psi, 15 scfm (Air Model Only)
Electric Drive System1 HP Electric Motor, 115 V, 60 Hz, 15amp (Electric Model Only)
Footprint49"w x 48"d x 85"h
Ship Weight800 lbs.
Warranty3 Year Parts, 6 Months Labor
EL-X Express Lane Inflation System (PN 85607770) Point of Use Lift System (PN 85608609) Auxiliary Bead Sealer (ABS) (PN 85606545)