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1500-3D Direct Drive Wheel Balancer


1ph – 80015003D

3ph – 80015003D01

Legendary Reliability with State of the Art Capability

Product Description

Powered by Direct Drive Laser Guided Operation® Stop, Lock & Index
Motor and spindle are combined into a single, pre-balanced assembly that always stays calibrated to zero. Pinpoints the exact weight location, both radially and axially and eliminates trial and error. Automatically positions the wheel at the weight placement location and locks the spindle in place for easy, accurate weight application.
Balancing Modes 8
Wheel Diameter Range 8" - 30"
Wheel Width Range 2" - 20"
Maximum Tire Diameter Up to 44"
Maximum Tire Weight 160 lbs.
Shaft Diameter 40 mm
Footprint 57"w x 55"d x 75"h
Ship Weight 616 lbs.
Interface LED
Automatic Data Entry Distance/Diameter/Width
Electrical Requirements 220v, 1ph or 220v, 3ph
Warranty 3 Year Parts, 6 Months Labor
Adjustable Pin Plates (PN 85610104) Ford ULA 3 Degree Cone (PN 81141821) Light Truck Cone Kit (PN 8113277C)
Premium Hub Nut (PN 85610908) Short Cone (PN 8112421) Toyota Adapter Kit (PN 85009945)