Love Your Car? Get the Right Lift

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The Lift Superstore Difference

We do far more than distribute Asian made lifts sourced from third party trading companies. We are first and foremost a manufacture. With over 33 years of experience in the automotive lift, and garage service equipment industry we pride ourselves on the quality of our products, the friendly and fun atmosphere created by our staff and the best warranty in the business.

Why Our Car Lifts are Better

Ask yourself this, why do most other car lift companies only offer a 1 year limited warranty on their equipment? The answer is simple. Their units are 100% offshore and the distributer does not receive compensation from the manufacture in the event of a failure.

Being that we use North American components on most of our products we give you a two (2) year warranty on parts, five (5) years on the structure and a lifetime warranty on the cylinder! That’s right, LIFETIME! Our pumps and motors are North American made and CSA/UL approved.   Air-craft grade, pre-stretched cables are standard on all our products as well as North American cylinders. Can the “other guys" offer you this?

Don’t be wowed by the price you see on-line. The car lifts you find may look the same, but are they really? If the company selling you the lift is only offering a 1 year limited warranty are the products they are selling as good as they say they are?

Wouldn’t You Rather Deal with a Company That:

  • Manufacturers and assembles their car lifts on site
  • Keeps at least 400 units in stock and ready to go at a moment’s notice
  • Employs their own engineers
  • Performs ongoing product testing
  • Maintains all replacement parts on site
  • Whose manufacturing facility is ISO 9001 and CE Certified for automotive lifts
  • Whose hydraulic lifts are steel blast finished prior to a 9 step chemical dip process then powder coated
  • Who carries lift product liability insurance of over $5,000,000 with a Canadian Underwriter
  • Who gives you the best warranty in the business with lifetime parts warranty on the cylinder
  • Who stands behind everything they sell
  • Who Makes buying lifts easy!

“Your Lift must be right or we will make it right!" – Biff Do-Right

       We welcome our customers to visit our modern 40,000 square foot operation where we manufacture and assemble hoists on site.