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“RESTOMOD STACKER” 9,000 LB.(4T) 4 Post Lift


Our Premium Parking Lift

The compact DX 8,000 model design will fit into a space of less than 120 sq. ft. (3M x 6M). The 9,000 lb. (4.0T) Capacity is your best option for tall trucks, SUVs, and all varieties of cars. This Restomod Stacker is a car enthusiast’s best friend.

Product Description

  • Low maintenance problem free design - 70” / 1778mm stroke 3” / 76mm high pressure cylinder mounted under runway with prestressed 3/8” / 9.5mm lifting cables and 4” / 102mm steel pulleys. Tough wheel-a brator finished steel structure with premium double bake finish.
  • Greater structural stability - “Block” style mechanical locks are welded into the inside face of the columns creating greater strength and stability. Single point automatic “deadman” safety locks spaced every 6” / 152mm.
  • Lifts higher to provide more under car work area - provides 71” / 1803mm or 77” /1956mm under deck clearance to accommodate standard height cars, trucks and SUV’s.
  • Flexible vehicle loading - low to the floor 4.3” / 109mm deck height with low angle removable approach ramps accommodates exotic sports cars and vehicles with low clearance ground effects. Runways 18.7” / 475mm wide are adjustable from 74 7/8” /1902mm to 80.7” / 2050mm wide.
  • Premium North American Components - North American made Monarch (Bucher) powerunit, 3/8” / 9.5mm equalizing cables, cylinders and hoses.
  • More models to chose from - 8,000 or 9,000 lb. / 3.6T or 4T capacities with lifting heights of either 74.8”or 82.3” / 1900mm to 2090mm and runways 170” or 185” / 4318mm or 4699mm. Power units available in high efficiency 220v single phase 2HP / 1.5kw 8 amp or convenient 110v single phase 1HP / .75kw 15 amp.
  • Compact space saving design - stores up to two vehicles in buildings with ceilings as low as 10’ / 3048mm . Designed to fit most standard garage layouts with a footprint as small as 110” / 2800mm wide by 175” / 4445mm long
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